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Fat Face is a British lifestyle clothing and accessories retailer, based in Hampshire. It was founded in 1988 by Tim Slade and Jules Leaver as a business selling T-shirts at ski resorts. The company opened its first retail shop in 1993; as of 2014 there were 209 Fat Face stores in the UK and Ireland.


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Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Discount policy was weird, catty coworkers, clothes could be pretty ugly, parking can be annoying"

Former Employee - Crew Member says

"Management never cared about team spirit, crew are just ‘bodies’ that get jobs done"

Former Employee - Crew Member says

"I can't speak for other locations, but the London based store I was at was a horrible place to work. Certain senior figures in charge of that region have super egos and don't know how to manage crew members. They need to treat the crew members with a little respect and as fellow team members who are working as part of a team under their leadership. In other words, they're working 'with' them and not 'for' them! It's a shame because the kind of customers Fat Face attracts are usually loyal ones that are very friendly and make it a pleasure to assist them. However, I found myself working under poor leadership, some of whom feel they're under a lot of pressure and then take that frustration out on you - this makes it a toxic environment where few desire progression. In the space of just 6 months, at least 9 people including myself, had resigned from our positions at the same store and every single person's complaint was about the leadership. The prudent course of action to take would've been for the senior managers to take a step back and ask themselves why so many people are leaving the store in such a short period of time, but due to what I feel to be their egos, they'd rather ignore the elephant in the room and continue living in denial."

Former Employee - Sales Assistant says

"Management's behaviour in the Edinburgh branch was disgusting"

Current Employee - Supervisor says

"Different rules for different people - no consistency or incentive to work towards as the answer will depend on who you are and who you ask. Myself and over 10 other members of staff raised bullying by our store manager to HR and Area Manager on multiple occasions - no action was taken. Some staff members even have ongoing anxiety solely because of this and others forced to resign and still no action has been taken. Hostile environment to work in for a company who’s motto for their crew is to “play an active part of the team”."

Current Employee - Store Manager says

"This business leaves store management to deal with multiple priorities, with little or no assistance from field team. Spending the day constantly moving the store around at the whim of HQ, rather than focussing on the customer. Visual Merch standards are so subjective, one day store looks great, the next it is a disaster after 2 different people visit. Area Management are exceptionally poor & are never seen in the store. When they do visit you wish they didn't, as you will inevitably be told the team are doing a bad job & the store VM merry go round will start again. Expected to stay for hours after closing, unpaid of course, to action VM changes. Video Mystery Shop is used as a tool to beat you with if store gets a poor score, & I've seen staff in tears due to the unjustified criticism they receive. Area Manager has favourites amongst the team & if you are not in this group you will be marginalised & made to feel not part of the wider team. A truly terrible place to work."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"One rule for management another for crew :) Mistreated, you have to do all the work while management are always late, stand around on their phones and chatting to other management, we receive no support and the management have no motivation which then brings bad atmosphere, certain people have to do everything and its just not equal."

Former Employee - Manager says

"You are expected to constantly “go the extra mile” and be available at any time to work. Daily merchandising,window changes and regular 6 week sales takes the juice out of the crew. Payroll hours reduced drastically,everyone working so hard to get the job done and when senior managers come for visits,you don’t get recognition for the hard work but just criticism. Crew discounts reduced, no benefits to staff. You will only get job opportunities if you are part of a tight knit of people who favour their favourites. If someone does not like you,you will be smoked out. Youare constantly monitored and mystery shopping tests are filmed ,you then will be scored on the film and put on an action plan."

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"The least pleasant experience of my 20 Year retail manager career . Absolute culture of Bullying within the management structure. Systematic agenda of removing people from the business which I found utterly wrong"

Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"The team was really great to work with and this was the only positive side of the job. The company doesn't care about your life so expect spending most of your time inside the store (no matter day or night). Your life outside 9-5 won't exist. Split shifts occur quite often. It's a target driven place so you'll be pushed to sell a lot otherwise the management rolls eyes over you and makes you feel guilty for not making profits.Teammoney, hours, targets, management"

Temporary Worker (Former Employee) says

"I just had a bad experience with fat face because a lot of polish people that don't speak proper English to understand the training period and how things goes around there"

Crew/ Team Member Fat Face Edinburgh Store (Former Employee) says

"Management were shocking put in holidays and got told i would have to leave because of the holidays and dates i put in. Pay was never right. Barely any hours.Nonemanagement"

Retail (Former Employee) says

"we was working on night shift. only 6 ppl. we was friendly and we have the best teamwork in the warehouse. But the management didn't see that. actually they didn't care about night shift. And we was doing the best job there. we have a supervisor. but they never did't tell him about the meeting or another important information. We was like invisible for them...Nothing free. For bonus we get couple peace of chocolate"

DC Operative (Former Employee) says

"I learned how to train new employees and how to lead people from different backgrounds. The hardest part of the job was a low temperature and lack of heating in a new warehouse in Dunsburypark ,the main reason why I have left.discount with buying Fat Face's clothesUnpaid break"

Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"The company organisation was poor, I was sexually harassed dure in my time there, and because I filed a report against someone experienced I was released from the company. I contacted head office but got no response. they expected you to be there every hour god sends and buy there clothes as uniform so part of that good salary went back to their company.discountslong hours, short lunch breaks"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Seemed to have an awful lot of unnecessary pressure applied regarding the stores performance. Sometimes quiet is quiet. Had numerous issues that I found neither head office, nor management willing to address. Moderately uncomfortable environment to work in due to manager's unrealistic expectations."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Typical day was to greet all customers and make sure store is tidy and clean. If the invasive customer journey wasn't followed, trouble ensured. Colleagues rude and lazy and management cared more for themselves. Any ideas you put forward are quickly shut down unless the manager or area manager had thought of it. Very 'Cliquey' so if you didn't fit with them they'd all make you feel an outsider.decent discount - quickly was taken awaylong hours, stuck up management, AWFUL team with no team skills"

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"hardest part job pick and pack very high target ,or putaway heavy boxes and bullying supervisor Company have large debtover time 35 day holydaysvery high day target even no busy days bullying menager rude supervisor very depressed work place"

Crew Member - Part Time (Former Employee) says

"Rotas consistently late going out, meaning little time to plan your life around shifts. Disorganised management chopping and changing shifts last minute with hardly any notice, yet expecting you to be free. Contracted hours are contracted hours for a reason - just because you are a student does not mean you do not have other things to do! A bit of a name and shame culture going on if sales were poor and also regarding other issues in store. Staff levels were never right - either far too many or nowhere near enough. Hardly any training was given upon starting but you are expected to just KNOW how things are done. Cliquey mangers with clear favourites and little respect for their staff. Hypocritical too - if you want proactive staff you should lead by example (not sit downstairs and hide in the office or stand on the shop floor chatting - which we get told off for.) General low morale in store which is a shame because the crew work hard but are up against a declining retail sector. A clear sense of fear culture between crew and management - and perhaps this contributes to the fact that the store is not performing at its best. Only saving graces were the staff discount and the salary which is not bad for retail work. The crew were generally lovely and friendly and also very helpful."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"It's hilarious that their mantra is "embrace life outside the 9 - 5" Apparently this didn't apply to their staff. Work started at 8am and finished at 6pm on a normal day but 70% of the time it was very late hours getting things ready. No work life balance. I often worked every weekend and had no home life. No structure to my weekly rotas. BORING WORK. No windows so you feel trapped slaving away for a company that rip people off with their ridiculous prices. MIND NUMBING. Its probably alright if you're one of their staff workers who are only contracted to 4 hours a week and get to work with the public. Management was a bully and didn't acknowledged my staff when ever they were around and even ignored me. Rude. This company is a joke, work for them if u need a part time job but don't go for a career they'll squeeze the life out of you. P.S. 70% Off sounds good at first until you realise that your uniform is their clothes that are currently out so you are forced to buy their new lines constantly because god forbid you go to work wearing last seasons dress.70% off staff clothes and 50% for family/friendsNo work/life balance, Boring, poor management"

Sales Advisor (Former Employee) says

"My hours were part-time I was mostly out back of shop doing the deliveries ,it was good at the start As time went on my few hours I did have were reduced and I was messed around the manager was constantly changing the rota in the end I decided to find a job that you were motivated and felt appreciated and enjoyed your job .not productive at all .Discount on clothesIf the manager was stressed it filtered down to all the staff"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"I have been working for Fat Face and truly doesn't recommend this job to anyone. The staff was generally friendly and helpful, but management was awful. Fat Face talks about so many values and in reality this is all just a stupid talk. The job requires constant VM changes, unpaid overtime for management team, visits and changes again. Higher management offers help and support but again this is just a promise. I'm very disappointed and the happiest day in FF was when I handed in my notice.DiscountLong hours, constant VM changes, high targets, bad management"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"The recruitment process Fat Face use is great and it allows the best people to be employed. Some are life long friends. It's a bit difficult to to follow the ethos of life outside 9-5 because last minute changes are expected to be done at the drop of a hat.Lovely staff in storesVideo mystery shops"

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"Higher ups don't seem to care about individual shops and don't offer up nearly enough support, expecting management to work over time and not even get paid for it. Pay and benefits are pretty good and day to day work is fine, but if there are issues then you're on your own. My training was also shocking as I only had 3 days of it at a shop totally different to mine."

Sales Assistant (Christmas Temp) says

"fairly easy job and quite relaxed management, but only a small workforce which created a cliquey atmosphere. after being told i had a permanent job at the end of my xmas temp job i was then given a last shift and told the vacancy is no longer available"

Sales Advisor (Former Employee) says

"A small team of staff all very nice ,job would include dealing with customers and deliveries ,great when busy, but when quite I felt like you had to find something to do when there wasn't anything to do .Good staff discount wage rate was fair .Late nights in summer and not busy ."

Visual Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Most days were consistent with visual updates and customer selling. Management was consistent in their operations and planning for future store sales or marketing endeavors. The only difficult task working here was lifting heavy materials for store visual displays. Customers were all very kind and co workers were very collaborative."

Sales assistant (Former Employee) says

"Fatfaces ethos is really good, it wants to be the best as customer service and puts a lot of attention into making you give outstanding service. The only issue with that is that it expects rather a lot of its staff and it can't always be achieved in a real life work setting. A lot of pressure is put on by area-managers and it then takes the fun-laid back vibe away. Management need to be reviewed. In hindsight after speaking to friends about some things my manager used to say to me I should have called HR however you are too worried about consequences when you're at work. The staff however are all generally lovely and you can make some friends there. The staff discount was average, to use the discount you had to have enough money to afford the clothes but the clothes were not compulsory to wear as uniform.The clothesPay, Management"

Georgina says

"Really disappointing service. I returned a dress that was faulty nearly 3 months ago, I'm still waiting for a refund. I've contacted customer services countless times, to be told my refund is being issued. Phoned this morning to complain that I still haven't received it, and the customer service lines are closed!!
Disgusting customer service! I just want the refund for the faulty dress!"

Daniel James says

"Utterly unacceptable levels of incompetence. The website is clearly not up to the job it should be designed for. I have now had a total of 3 orders cancelled and refunded on sales items with no explanation other than a standard worded attachment. 3 orders worth £300 each. I won't get that money back into my account for 3 working days. What a waste of time."

Rebecca Heron says

"You have more chance of winning the lottery than receiving your order from Fatface online.

Like many reviewers on here, I placed two orders, one at the beginning of December and one at the end of December and both ended up being cancelled as they were “lost in post”. Also, by the time they got back to me the item was then out of stock.

I don’t blame Hermes, as I had plenty delivered by Hermes running up to Christmas and they were spot on. I blame Fatface and their shocking stock management. Fatface, when you realise you are out of stock then update your website more regularly or reach out to the customers affected - don’t wait for them to come to you!! Very poor."

Abi says

"Bad customer support! Disappointed! So I made an order online and when I reserved it the clips was broken. Was deliver in a box so didn’t happen by deliver. I reached out to your customer support and was asked to send pictures of it which I did and they said they couldn’t open the file. I asked for a refund or to be sent more. NO REPLY! Terrible!"

Customer says

"Fatface has always been one of my go to places for shopping but it definitely isn’t now. Their products are substandard and when you do reach out to their customer services they make it as difficult as possible to get resolution. Their staff are clearly more concerned about getting the query off their desk than taking full ownership from start to finish.
I now have a pair of gloves which are coming apart and are now useless to me as I had to give up speaking to their customer services as it was going back and forward. You wonder if that is their ploy.
Sorry to say I have unsubscribed from their emails and will shop elsewhere.
11/01 - Follow up I received a very lovely call from Victoria at Fatface who listened to my experience and frustrations and rectified the issue I had. Much better client service experience and this has restored my faith. Thank you"

Karen Rogers says

"I placed an order which I had an email saying that it had been cancelled
So I placed an order again,
The first order was on the way so I tried to cancel 2nd one which I had wrong delivery address on
2 emails ignored,I rang and was wrongly told to contact Hermes which is fat faces responsibility as they are the customer,cut a long story short,Hermes delivered my order to someone in Newcastle and I’m 55 pounds out of pocket
I won’t be using them again"

Helen says

"My order was lost by Hermes. Customer services said there's no point trying to contact Hermes to investigate as they just say to refund the customer. Ridiculous and especially disappointing as both of the items I ordered are now out of stock. Maybe Fat Face should rethink what courier they use as I probably wouldn't order from them again."

RC says

"My experience of fatface clothes is that they are beautiful but poorly made. Before Christmas I bought my daughter a beautiful polar bear fluffy jumper to wear to school on Christmas jumper day. She wore it once around the house and the jumper has three holes in (she's ten, so wasn't from her behaviour or misuse). I complained to fatface customer service who immediately refunded the product.

They emailed me (auto email) for a review today which I duly wrote. I gave it one star and commented similarly to that above). They rejected my review without an explanation just pointed me to the guidelines, of which I broke none.

It's very dishonest and poor form from fatface to mislead customers by rejecting honest reviews of their products."

PJ says

"Ordered 3 pairs of slippers, 2 out if 3 were very poor quality and shedding all around the house. Since I had thrown away the packaging and tags I did not return them however when I got the opportunity I wrote a 1 star review for both products. Both reviews were rejected on site, not once but twice without any reasons provided. I checked their review policy and rewrote the review to ensure I was sticking to facts describing the quality of the product only and it was still rejected. They are simply misleading customers by rejecting poor reviews on site. Wrote to customer service who did not bother responding. Appalling customer service overall. Wont bother buying from them again, have also reported to ASA and CMA."

Judith says

"EC thank you for the response. I have already reordered some of the items 🤷‍♀️....I presume I will just have to return these.

Here we go again! Placed an order yesterday for a mix of new and sale stock. I have received an email this morning saying they have refunded my full order. No explanation, nothing. FatFace what is going on with your customers service."

John says

"Sian at hereford did not tell me or offer me a bag before taking contactless payment. I do not expect to have my purchases shoved at me with a receipt on top. Having paid contactless, as is the encouraged way in covid times, and when i asked for a bag, getting a curt 5p. I explained i did not having the 5p in change, I got a shrug and a so what attitude from Sian at hereford. My wife fortunately had 5p in change, ( not the best way to pay in covid times) and requeud to purchase one on my behalf. If fat face policy is to make customers pay for a paper bag, then retail staff should make customers aware, and ask if we want a bag before taking payment. The attitude annoyed me enough to write a review, so please give Sian some training."

Sarah says

"I placed an order on Boxing Day, only to receive an email from Fatface cancelling the entire order (6+ items, >£100) and stating I would receive a refund. I subsequently went on to place another order which wasn’t cancelled. However, when I contacted Fatface customer service directly to confirm my refund, they advised that only one item is actually out of stock, (rather than the whole order which the email stated), so to ignore the email they had sent, and they now refuse to refund the entire order - now I have duplicates of everything I ordered and no refund, and significantly out of pocket!! Customer service were rude and unhelpful even though I patiently explained the situation, and the company is clearly at fault for advising me that my whole order had been cancelled in the first place. Shockingly disorganised and rude service."

Sherrie Carnegie says

"Over the past four years I have had to return items due to manufacturing faults. Seams coming undone or sewing faults in garments. This year is ridiculous... I bough a checkered shacket for my son and the left sleeve lining has been sewn in so you can’t put your arm through it! The lining has been twisted around twice then sewn in. I’m a dress maker so I know exactly what they have done wrong. A stupid mistake. How it got through checks I don’t know but not acceptable for a shop like fatface. If you are charging the prices you do you need to offer the quality that matches this. The shacket is now sold out in the size I need so I’m having to unpick the lining and reset the sleeve in the correct position and reconstruct a placket and cuff so my son can wear it. On top of this my 12 year old daughter excitedly bought me pjs from fatface with her own money and I haven’t the heart to tell her the seam is open on the crotch. Another sewing job for me! Last year pj pockets were sewn in wrong. Employ some proper seamstress or lower your prices to match the quality. I’m so disappointed yet again. I won’t be buying from Fatface again. Too many mishaps now."

Briony Penneck says

"I ordered some items several weeks ago and returned some of them via Hermes but have still heard nothing. I have emailed Fatface customer service twice and have still had no reply..."

Nicky Robinson says

"Love Fat Face, but they are letting themselves and their customers down by using Hermes Parcel Couriers. Recent purchase marked by Hermes as ‘on the way’ didn’t arrive. Fat Face were quick to reply with ‘lost in transit’ and gave a refund, but still disappointing as items out of stock so couldn’t reorder."

Lizlou says

"Normally love fat face but last 2 times ordering (recently) has ended in my order being cancelled. I ended up phoning customer services as id set my heart on a beautiful dress. I ordered 12 and 14 and both were cancelled even though the 14 was still in stock. He said there were 74 size 14s in stock but wanted to check with the warehouse first. After speaking with them he informed me that there was none. The website was incorrect. He said it would be updated. Its still showing my size is available now so theres going to be a lot of disappointed ladies out there. Something isnt right with their ordering system and it puts me off ordering again as they take your money first. Shame fatface you've always been so good in the past"

Melanie says

"I am very disappointed as I was finally able to order that beanie I really wanted for a long time (Multi Pom Fair Isle Beanie in Mustard) yesterday, just to find this morning that this item and another one will be refunded. So I just go on the website thinking that they’re just out of stock and find this beanie AGAIN on it, now I just don’t understand why I won’t have it and am very disappointed. It’s already the second time that this happens, and that’s really sad because I love the brand and the quality is really really good. I won’t order again on the website which is a shame now that shops are closed."

Hannah says

"I have now had two orders which have been 'lost', with the items then go out of stock. I have had to contact fatface myself when the orders have taken over 10 days to arrive, to be told they were lost. I did receive a refund but maybe fatface should consider using better couriers as I am now probably not going to bother buying from them again."

Dreamcatcher Productions says

"My family have all loved Fat Face clothing for many years, but I have to express my disappointment with the decline in quality.
To the best of my recollection, Fat Face has always had a reputation for ethically sourced and produced clothing, hence the common ill-conceived notion of their range being "expensive".
The last few purchases we have made have fallen far short of the standards set 20-odd years ago. My partner's Teddy coat this Winter arrived with two of the three buttons hanging loose and the interior of the pockets half stitched shut, so in order to use them, we have had to carefully cut the pocket lining away from the lip of the pocket (effectively causing damage).
Basically it comes across as if Fat Face are now supplied by the sweatshops of Primark et al, where quality and welfare is sacrificed for quantity and speed of production.
Massive disappointment."

Fitzgerald says

"Shocking customer service. First order was cancelled and I wasn’t told. Was still charged though! Second order arrived damaged. Third order was ok. 4th order I received two items - supposedly both the same size - but both completely different. 5th order arrived today and either sized wrong or they have altered their sizing. Always wear a R length in jeans but last 3 pairs ordered (orders 4&5) have been at least two inches shorter. It’s ok though - shoddy customer service is allowed because there’s a pandemic! (Really liked that sarcastic reply to my query). Most of my shopping has been done online this last year and only Fatface don’t seem to know what’s going on, or care. Certainly my last ever shop with them. Gave 1 star when wrote this.

15/01 - have since been contacted by a lovely customer services representative who although unable to resolve the issues was kind enough to take the time to look into them and pass on to the relevant departments so hopefully others will have a more positive experience."

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